Easter 2016



Αρ. πτωτ. 22/26-04-16                                                       Πάσχα 2016


Our Beloved,

Our lord has enabled us to rejoice once again his resurrection. 

We walk in Gods Company, some of us side by side, and others from a distance through the gardens of Gesthemane. Gardens of suffering and tears. Guard us Lord from the sleep of indolence “Awaken and Pray to avoid temptation”. This enlightening word of God to his disciples, resonates in our hearts as an eternal reminder, particularly in our days where it is common to leave our lives in the hands of people with illegal and irrational desires.

And from the Gethemane gardens to the court of Kaifa, in the praetorium amongst the crowd which hails : crucify, crucify the innocent and set free the villain. Don’t allow us Lord to ignore our responsibilities, and enable us to confess the truth and sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. The mouths of children, their mothers, pregnant women and our disadvantaged fellows are calling out for justice and the right for a place under the sun.

Our Jesus lies in the hearts of those who love, share and offer. We are climbing the stone paved path of martyrdom. Even Jesus had his weak moment but he also had Simon of Cyrene next to him and he encourages us “he who believes in me becomes a Cyrene”

Calvary. Who stayed? Jesus Mother and his best friend John, and one more person Centurion who confessed “this man is the Son of God”! The rest had yet one more opportunity for derision… that is when the pain of a fellow becomes a source of entertainment.

Resurrection! Love has concurred fear. The women came early to the graveyard. “what are you searching for the living amongst the dead? Christ has Risen” They received the news from the Angel and conveyed the message of eternal life for humanity.


Christ has risen brothers and sisters

I embrace you with love

Father George Tzavlas


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